A New Las Vegas Experience

I met an old friend and the airport one day a couple of months ago. He was coming back from a trip to Las Vegas as I was preparing to go there. He told me all about the fun he had, especially with the Las Vegas European girls that he got from an escort agency. I didn’t know he was into escorts, but he spoke highly of them, and recommended that I try them for myself. It was an idea that I wasn’t too sure about, but my friend assured me that it wasn’t a big deal and that people do it all of the time.

While on the flight to Las Vegas, I was thinking about what my friend said about the escorts the entire time. I hadn’t planned for any escorts on my travel itinerary, but there was room for me to squeeze one in. I figured that since I wasn’t going to be in Las Vegas for a while after the trip, I might as well get one of the escorts and enjoy my time with them. My friend had given me the contact information for the escort agency so I could make the arrangements.

Once I landed in Las Vegas, I went to my hotel room to prepare for my meeting with the escort. The fact that it was my first time made me really nervous. I was pacing back and forth as I was getting ready. Although my friend had given me a detailed account of what happened with him and his escort, I wasn’t sure if my experience would be the same. Once I met the escort, we greeted each other and she was pretty friendly. We talked for a while and I was getting into the experience. We went out to eat, had some fun, and I wasn’t nervous anymore.